Based on the word "For the Customer", We will contribute widely to society by answering customer's NEEDS.


Name J-Science Lab Co.,Ltd.
Foundation May 30, 2001 (Heisei 13)
Location zip code:601-8144 3-1Hiuchigata-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto JAPAN
Contact TEL:+81 075-693-9480 FAX:+81 075-693-9490 MAIL:mailbox@j-sl.com
Representative Ryuzaburo Kawai
Capital 40 Million Yen

Message from the President

Although we have delivered a variety of products to the world as a comprehensive manufacturer of analytical instruments (formerly Yanako Analytical Industry Co., Ltd.), we inherited the great trust and appraisal of the equipment cultivated in the long history and tradition, 2001 In the year, both capital and company name were newly released as J. Science Laboratory Co., Ltd. Although we are a professional manufacturer of gas chromatograph and organic element analysis equipment, we are a unique company that creates attractive new products not announced every year by highly advanced idea-packed new technology, which is the only company of analysis equipment I am aiming for. In recently developed new products, we have gaseous sample introduction equipment for ICP – MS, microwave chemical synthesis equipment for production, high – sensitivity helium plasma detector for gas chromatography, etc. We think that it is promising in the future. In addition to forming a J. Science Group with a sales company, we will develop analytical instruments, environmental measurement instruments, process analyzers, physics and chemistry instruments, etc. as well as partner with the world’s top manufacturers to provide its latest technology and products We are building a nationwide service network to enable fast and reliable service.

Based on the word “For the Customer”, the J.Science group collects state-of-the-art technology and experienced applied technologies to cater to the needs of diversified and advanced society in recent years, I want to contribute.

CEO Ryuzaburo Kawai

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<Meishin Kyoto Minami IC direction> Shinbori river to Kitakami Go through the Meishin Expressway elevated and turn left before the convenience store “Sunkus” on the left -Turn left further through the bridge and proceed along the river Just enter the three-way road diagonally to the right and immediately the 3-story white building on your left
<Direction toward JR Kyoto Station> South Oil Passage (Shinboribawa Street) South Turn right at Kuisebashi-dori Omiya Dori south below On the left on the convenience store “Seven Eleven” turn left before the parking lot At the moment, turn left on T road, turn right on 3 floors white building