Based on the word "For the Customer", We will contribute widely to society by answering customer's NEEDS.


Name J-Science Lab Co.,Ltd.
Foundation May 30, 2001 (Heisei 13)
Location zip code:601-8144 3-1Hiuchigata-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto JAPAN
Contact TEL:+81 075-693-9480 FAX:+81 075-693-9490 MAIL:mailbox@j-sl.com
Representative Ryuzaburo Kawai
Capital 40 Million Yen

Message from the President

  We merged with an affiliated company in May 2018 and made a new start.
  Thanks to you, the business performance is going well. This is a result of all employees focusing on the production of products required by customers, with “For the Customer” as the company motto.

  From now on, we will aim to create products that further meet customer needs in the conventional product fields of gas chromatographs, organic element analyzers, various gas analyzers, and experimental evaluation equipment.
  In addition, the newly developed powder atmospheric pressure plasma processing equipment is a new technology ahead of other companies, and we will strive to meet customer needs.
  Regarding customer service, we will strengthen technical services in each region by cooperating with group sales companies and make improvements so that we can further earn the trust of our customers.

  We are a manufacturer of analytical and scientific instruments that possess multiple technologies and products that are said to be “the only manufacturer in Japan.”
  We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our founding next year, but 10 years after that, we will create new analytical instruments and scientific instruments with the aim of becoming an “Attractive mid-sized company”, and our products and technology We will do our best to contribute to the development of society.

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<Meishin Kyoto Minami IC direction> Shinbori river to Kitakami Go through the Meishin Expressway elevated and turn left before the convenience store “Sunkus” on the left -Turn left further through the bridge and proceed along the river Just enter the three-way road diagonally to the right and immediately the 3-story white building on your left
<Direction toward JR Kyoto Station> South Oil Passage (Shinboribawa Street) South Turn right at Kuisebashi-dori Omiya Dori south below On the left on the convenience store “Seven Eleven” turn left before the parking lot At the moment, turn left on T road, turn right on 3 floors white building