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Compact gas chromatograph CGC-001



Space-saving GC specialized for single analysis with narrowed-down functions.
Ideal for routine analysis, experiments, and research!
Easy-to-read LCD panel allows simple operation for complex analysis.

  • This is a compact Dedicated machine dedicated for TCD or FID and packed columns.

  • Compact as a general-purpose machine, especially with a very slim design of 300 mm in width.

  • The inlet can be selected, and the system can be used as a system by docking with a gas sampler, etc. when the specification without inlet is selected.

  • It is ideal for use as a dedicated machine, routine work, and research.

  • Durability of the device has been pursued through the adoption of an analog flow control system and proven technology.


  • Common specifications

    Detector : TCD, FID, T-TCD
    Column thermostatic bath : W180×D160×H265mm
    Column thermostatic bath temperature range: room temperature to 300°C
    Carrier gas flow control: Constant pressure valve control
    Safety mechanism: Overheat prevention mechanism is standard. Dimensions: W300×D525×H520mm Power consumption: AC100V 50/60Hz 1.5kVA Weight: Approx. 40kg

  • Detector Specifications : CGC-001T (Thermal conductivity type detector)

    Detector :Thermal conductivity type detector (TCD), Tungsten filament, 60Ω 4-element, semi-diffuse type
    Minimum detectable amount : H2 0.5ppm (Ar carrier)
    Detector temperature : Room temperature to 300°C

  • Detector Specifications : CGC-001F (Hydrogen flame ionization detector)

    Detector : Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)
    Applied voltage : Approx. 300V
    Minimum detectable amount : n-C12 2×10-12g/S
    Detector temperature : Room temperature to 300°C

  • Detector Specifications : CGC-001TT (Thermistor type thermal conductivity detector)

    Detector : Thermistor type thermal conductivity detector (T-TCD)
    Minimum detectable amount : H2 50ppm (Ar carrier)
    Detector temperature : Room temperature to 120°C

  • Inlet Specification

    Inlet : Ghost less inlet
    Carrier gas control : constant pressure valve (0~400kPa)
    Temperature range: Room temperature to 300°C
    Safety Mechanism : Overheat prevention mechanism is standard.

  • Required operating parts

    Data processing unit: 0 to 1V input capable
    Carrier gas: He/N2/Ar, etc. (99.999% up)
    H2 : FID only (99.999% up)
    Pressurized air: FID only (compressor, etc.)
    Analytical columns and fixtures
    Pressure reducing valve and piping Syringe, etc.