・Space saving
Installation is enabled at narrow space as a result of integration of gas chromatograph with sampling system to minimize required complicated piping and wiring. The system chromatograph can also be installed separately as required, depending on allowed installation space or specifications of the analysis system.
・Higher operability
Developed with importance placed on improved operability and productivity, the high-performance system chromatograph featured in superb durability and maintainability enables inexperienced operators to perform complicated analyses smoothly.


  • GAS5000 System

    Main body with sampling unit

  • Detector

    FID, TC-W (2 Set of TCD), T-TCD (Thermistor type TCD)

  • Sampling System

    Auto Sampling Valve, 2 Set

  • Temperature

    Room Temp +10 to 300°C Ghost less injection port

  • Sampling

    Auto, Manual

  • Column capacity

    7.78 L

  • Carrier gas control

    Pressure valve

  • Dimension

    570(w) X 500(d) X 420(h)mm

  • Weight

    Approx. 40 kg

  • Power requirement

    AC100 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 KVA