・Improved productivity owing to multi-step heating and blower forced cooling mechanism equipped as standard Lab
・Simultaneous loadable with TCD and FID notwithstanding compact general-purpose equipment
・More uniform distribution of oven temperatures owing to adoption of the slide type column oven bottom
・Loadable with non-radiation source type ECD not necessitating legal formalities Loadable with detectors of FID, TCD, NPD, FPD and Non-Radioactive ECD
・Usable for capillary column and wide bore column analyses after fitting the capillary column kit
・Usable for applications such as use of the gas sampler, liquid auto sampler and headspace sampler


  • Column oven

    R. T.+10 to 400 °C, Column capacity: 7.78 L, Heating rate: 0.1 to 99.9 °C/min

  • Carrier gas

    Control with constant flow valve (or constant pressure valve) and pressure gauge

  • Analysis column

    Packed column and capillary column

  • Injection port

    Ghost less injection port

  • Safety mechanism

    Overheat preventive function provided at required places

  • Cooling

    9 min (300 °C to 50 °C)

  • Gross weight

    Approx. 40 kg

  • Overall dimensions

    Approx. 495 (w) X 550 (d) X 440 (h) mm

  • Power requirement

    AC100 V +/- 10%, 1.5kVA