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This system measures hydrogen in steel, the causative agent of delayed fracture,according to the thermal desorption method in use of the gas chromatograph. The system takes continuous batch measurements of hydrogen, verifies behavior of hydrogen to be discharged with temperature change, and displays data such as the temperature-amount of discharged hydrogen in a measurement result list and in a graph to t hereby verify behavior of hydrogen.

  • Trace hydrogen component measurable with the gas chromatograph. Optional setting available of sample temperature programming rate and temperature range.

  • Data of "Temperature-Hydrogen evolution rate" displayed graphically and in a list.

  • Tubular furnace of opening and closing type featured in simple operations.

  • Perfect safety measures established due to adoption of over-temperature protection system.

  • Components other than hydrogen measurable as well (optional).


  • Gas chromatograph


  • Detector

    TCD (with preamplifier)

  • Auto gas sampler

    GAS-300 series product

  • Tubular furnace

    GTF20A series product

  • Data processing unit

    With calculation software

  • Gross weight

    Approx. 180 kg

  • Overall dimensions

    Approx. 1200(w) x1000(d) x1500(h)mm (excluded computer)

  • Power requirement

    AC100 V +/- 10 %, 3.0 KVA