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LPG Analyzer GC205


LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) consists of a liquid phase portion and a gas phase portion. LPG is measured with the gas chromatograph with its liquid phase portion sampled and evaporated.

  • With a liquid sample vaporizer attached, the analyzer enables analysis of the liquid phase portion through simple operations.


  • Gas Chromatograph

    GAS 1000T

  • Manual gas sampler

    GSL-800M series

  • Liquid sampling unit


  • Data processing unit

    JSμ7 (PC type)

  • Gross weight

    Approx. 50 kg

  • Overall dimensions

    Approx. 1200(w) x800(d) x600(h)mm

  • Power requirement

    AC100 V +/- 10%, 1.25 KVA